Disposable Linear Stapler And Reload Vet Only
Scope of application
Be applicable for reconstruction of digestive tact as stomach, intestine, and creation of anastomosis or incision of other organs.
Production Parameters
Suture length(mm)35
Suture Thickness(mm)1.5-2.5/1.0-2.0
Number of Staples11
Height of Staples(mm)4.8/3.8
Production Characteristics

1.  Clamp the tissue automatically, be simple to operate by single hand; 

2.  Two-section close, conduces to reposition the closed tissue conveniently;

3.  Imported titanium staples with higher intensity and tensility; 

4.  Integral shaping anvil to ensure the shape of staples; 

5.  Manual control retaining pin to make operation more convenient.

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