Disposable Endoscopic Linear Cutter Stapler&Reload Cartridge
Scope of application
Be applicable for resection, transection and creation of anastomosis in laparoscopic surgery.
Production Parameters
Product NameModelProduct descriptionLength of shaft
Disposable Endoscopic Cutter StaplerRYQJ-100Shorter shaft100
RYQJ-160Standard shaft160
RYQJ-260Longer shaft260
Production Parameters
Cartridge ColorWhiteWhiteBluePurpleGreenBlackBluePurpleGreenBlack
Suture length(mm)30454545454560606060
Normal tissueNormal tissueThick tissueThick tissueNormal tissueNormal tissueThick tissueThick tissue
Height of staples(mm)
Closed Stapler Height1.
Suitable Trocar diameter(mm)12121212151512121515
Production Characteristics

1.Components can be 45 degree of rotation, flexible access different surgical site;

2.Three rows of staple with different altitude to ensure effect of anastomosis; 

3.The control mechanism for equidistant clearance ensures that the staples at distant end and proximal end are uniform on the loading unit; 

4.With the wide anterior opening of loading unit, the tissue can be inspired conveniently. 

   The design of thin anvil make it smooth for entering without larger clearance separation so that the tissue damages are reduced; 

5.The indicatory on cutter head is used to indicate the position of cutter head under the endoscope for better safety;   

6.With 360 degree rotary, it is convenient to reach the tissue; 

7.With the symmetrically-ergonomic design, the surgical operation can be achieved independently with left and right hand; 

8.Intuitive and simple handle design, can make the doctor be clear at a glance, easy to operate;

9.Equipped with the safety inter lock device to prevent the used loading unit from being triggered again, thus ensured safety in surgical operation; 

10.Strengthen the anvil design, to provide tissue closure force, so that the distal staple, proximal gap consistent to ensure the consistency of the effect of stitching.

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