Disposable Linear Stapler & Reload Cartridge
Scope of application
Be applicable for reconstruction of digestive tact as stomach, intestine, and creation of anastomosis or incision of other organs.
Production Parameters
Suture length(mm)35354662.595.5
Suture Thickness(mm)0.5-1.21.5-2.5/1.0-2.01.5-2.5/1.0-2.01.5-2.5/1.0-2.01.5-2.5/1.0-2.0
Number of Staples2311152133
Height of Staples(mm)2.54.8/3.84.8/3.84.8/3.84.8/3.8
Production Characteristics

1.  Clamp the tissue automatically, be simple to operate by single hand; 

2.  Two-section close, conduces to reposition the closed tissue conveniently;

3.  Imported titanium staples with higher intensity and tensility; 

4.  Integral shaping anvil to ensure the shape of staples; 

5.  Manual control retaining pin to make operation more convenient.

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