Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler
Scope of application
Be applicable for reconstruction of digestive tract such as stomach, intestine, and creation of anastomosis or incision closure of other organs.
Production Parameters
ModelCutting length(mm)Suture Length(mm)Suture Thickness(mm)Number of staplesHeight of staplers(mm)
Production Characteristics

1.  Large jaw opening facilitates adjusting position;  

2.  Intermediate locking system is more convenient and reliable;  

3.  Special self-locking system to prevent wrong firing;  

4.  Imported titanium staples with higher intensity and tenility;  

5.  Integral shaping anvil to ensure the shape deployed on the tissues;  

6.  Supporting pin in the cartridge makes force deployed evenly on the tissues;  

7.  Enhanced and unique non-slip handle design is more comfortable, safe and stable.

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