Disposable Three-Row Circular Stapler
Scope of application
Particularly suitable for difficult to expose the site of the anastomosis, such as pelvic anastomosis, high abdominal anastomosis, chest top anastomosis.
Production Parameters
TypeExternal Diam.(mm)Ring cutting External Diam.(mm)Number of staplesHeight of Staples(mm)
RYWG-24 lll24.124.1303.8
RYWG-26 lll26.126.1363.8
RYWG-29 lll29.129.1363.8
RYWG-32 lll32.132.1453.8


Production Characteristics

1.  The RYWG ll series disposable circular stapler is for single use only, avoiding the possible cross-infection.

2.  It has large cutter diameter.

3.  With the quicker opening and closing mechanism, it is much more comfortable to use.

4.  Slow closing safety zone allows the final tissue manipulation.

5.  The thickness of tissue that will be clamped can be adjusted according to the actual conditions.

6.  The knife is designed according to the ergonomics principles.

7.  The product is equipped with the advanced driving mechanism.

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