Disposable Three-Row Hemorrhoid Stapler
Scope of application
Be applicable for Dedicated to anal hemorrhoidectomy and excision of rectal prolapse.
Production Parameters
TypeExternal Diam.(mm)Ring cutting External Diam.(mm)Number of staplesHeight of Staples(mm)
Production Characteristics

1.  Exceptional hemostatic effect;

2.  The special design of the outer ring prevents anastomotic tissue from excessive squeezing;

3.  48three-row titanium screws around can effectively close the tissue;

4.  A greater lumen of the staple cartridge can hold more diseased tissue;

5.  Stainless steel anvil and stainless-steel guide shaft to make the closing and firing more stable;

6.  two symmetrical sutures help the tissue to enter into the equipment;

7.  The sharp circular knife can effectively cut;

8.  0.75mm suture clearance compress the mucosa of the best hemostatic effect;

9.  Fool-firing position;

10.  Improved B-type staple make the anastomotic a higher tensile strength.

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